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PTSD may double risk of dementia

People who have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are up to twice as likely to develop dementia later in life, according to a new study by UCL researchers. The research,

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Scientists explore the obesity paradox, cardiovascular risk of HIV

The newer generation of HIV drugs have turned the once-lethal infection into a chronic condition, and cardiovascular disease has emerged as the leading cause of death in these individuals. Now,

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Potent drug supply drop, not domestic drug policies, likely behind 2018 OD death downturn

The slight decline in drug overdose deaths in 2018 coincided with changing Chinese regulations on a powerful type of opioid, rather than the result of U.S. efforts to curb the

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Late childhood peer group status linked to heightened adult circulatory disease risk

Late childhood peer group status may be linked to a heightened risk of developing circulatory system disease—-conditions that affect the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels—in later life,

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